Waukee CSD Celebrates Seniors During Fine & Performing Arts Signing Day

The Waukee Community School District spotlighted talented students during the second Fine and Performing Arts Signing Day on May 15, 2024, at the Prairieview Theatre Arts Center. This annual event honors graduating seniors from Waukee High School and Waukee Northwest High School who committed to visual art, music, theatre, dance, or arts education at the post-secondary level as a major or minor field of study.

This District signing event is one event within a growing national movement to spotlight the arts as a viable post-secondary field of study. According to the US Bureau of Economic Analysis, the Arts and Culture sector is a $730 billion industry — larger than transportation, tourism, and agriculture. We’re proud to celebrate the drive, resilience, and talent of the 24 graduating students pursuing these pathways.

2024 Fine & Performing Arts Signing Day

Fine and Performing Art Signing Night — Participating Students:

  • Victoria Adams, Northwest High School – Major: Dance, Minor: Choreography
  • Aleena Ali, Waukee High School – Major: Graphic Design, Minor: Marketing or Art Directing
  • Jack Andersen, Northwest High School – Major: Photojournalism, Minor: Theatre Arts
  • Chloe Beattie, Northwest High School – Major: Fine/Studio Art, Minor: Art History
  • Sophia Berger, Northwest High School – Major: Studio Art, Minor: Biology
  • Ben Biggs, Waukee High School – Major: Animation and Rich-Media, Minor: Creative Writing
  • Luciana Buck, Northwest High School – Major: Music Performance (Vocal)
  • Caleb Burke, Northwest High School – Major: Music Education & Performance
  • Saul Alejandro Canela Salcido, Northwest High School – Major: Jazz Saxophone Performance, Minor: Spanish
  • Coria Chaloupecky, Waukee High School – Major: Theatre
  • Max Ferguson, Waukee High School – Major: Theatre Production & Design and Education
  • Mia Hilton, Waukee High School – Major: Graphic Design
  • Avery Jones, Northwest High School – Major: Fine Arts
  • Noah Kohtz, Waukee High School – Major: Vocal Music Education
  • Jenna Le, Northwest High School – Major: Integrated Studio Arts
  • Mijael Leon, Northwest High School – Major: Music, Minor: Jazz & Musical Composition
  • Wesley McPike, Waukee High School – Major: Theatre Education, Minors: History and English
  • Isabelle Meyer, Waukee High School – Major: Elementary Education, Minor: Communication – Theatre Arts
  • Idaly Munoz, Waukee High School – Major: Sequential Art (Studio Art); Minor: Theatre Design & Production
  • Paige Olson, Northwest High School – Major: Theatre Management & Production, Minor: Film Production
  • Micah Andrew Vera, Northwest High School – Major: Computer Animation & Film
  • Wesleigh Jane Augusta Winfrey, Waukee High School – Major: Music Education and Vocal Performance
  • Andrew Wittmer, Northwest High School – Major: Music Performance – Jazz Saxophone
  • Olivia Wojciechowski, Waukee High School – Major: Fine Arts

In addition to celebrating the students, the event invited families and the teachers our students selected as influential and inspirational in their arts journey to join them on stage.

Noah Kohtz and family

Noah Kohtz and family

Saul Canela Salcido, NWHS grad, and family

Saul Canela Salcido and family

Chloe is a NWHS grad posing with three of our art teachers

Chloe Beattie with 3 Waukee CSD art teachers

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