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HYDERABAD: Graphic design has become a prominent sector within the realm of technology. Recently, Graphico 2024, the annual design and visual art exhibit, took place at Hamstech College, showcasing the students’ talents in graphic design and their aspirations for the future in this field. Among the attendees was Kailash Nayak, renowned as the “Guru of Graphics,” who mentored these students in various design endeavours.

Reflecting on the event and the field of graphic design, Kailash Nayak remarked, “This event marks a significant milestone in the resurgence of graphic design. As a mentor, I can’t claim sole credit; it’s the dedication and hard work of both students and faculty that make such showcases possible.

Institutions like Hamstech offer a diverse range of courses connected to the arts, providing students with versatile career options. Interacting with students during such events is always enlightening; I find myself learning from their fresh perspectives, shaped by today’s technology-rich environment.”

Commenting on the evolution of graphic design, Nayak observed, “While the essence of creativity remains unchanged, the tools and mediums available for execution have evolved significantly. In the past, realising an idea required considerable effort and resources, whereas today, digital tools, augmented reality, and projection mapping offer boundless possibilities.”

Regarding the role of technology in graphic design, Nayak emphasised, “Technology has revolutionised the industry by empowering creatives with advanced tools and software. This fusion of technology and creativity has paved the way for unprecedented clarity and precision in execution.”

Amidst the proliferation of graphic design applications, Nayak offered guidance, stating, “While there’s no shortage of tutorials and applications available online, true creativity stems from within. It’s imperative to nurture your imagination and observational skills. That’s why we encourage students to engage in daily sketching exercises to enhance their creative prowess.”

Offering a message to aspiring graphic designers, Nayak says, “Follow your passion relentlessly. Despite the challenges, unwavering dedication will inevitably lead you to success in the field.”

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