Chidinma Mordi in Another Artistic Unfolding, Away in London

It won’t be the first outing of the Nigerian-born Architect and artist, Chidinma Yemisi Mordi who has been unveiling one of her masterpiece paintings, titled “Stay Soft,” at the ‘EmpowerHER: Creativity, Courage & Magical Thinking’ group exhibition by Casildart Contemporary, founded by Sukai Eccleston. The difference this time is that she has gone global, with London as where the ongoing exhibition is taking place.  It is holding in celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD), highlighting the works of women artists.

Inspired by the personal notes she writes to herself, Mordi’s painting features her signature gold patterns, influenced by her architectural background. Describing the artwork, she reflects on self-compassion, stating, “I will not carry the shame of being treated horribly by people. It is not mine to own. It is not my responsibility. I will stay soft, I will stay gracious, I will remain kind.”

The exhibition takes place at CasildART Contemporary, located at 32 Connaught Street, Connaught Village, London W2 2AY, from Friday, March 15th to Sunday, April 7th, 2024. Gallery hours are Tuesday to Sunday, from 11 am to 6:30 pm.

Aligned with the 2024 IWD theme, “Inspire Inclusion,” the exhibition celebrates the talents of women from diverse backgrounds, aiming to transcend barriers of race, ethnicity, and nationality. The ‘CasildART Salon’ will showcase a variety of new visual art from women artists, fostering a joyful celebration of sisterhood.

Any form of artistic work that touches on the enssemble of race, ethnicity and nationally is bound to be a stormy text. Connoisseurs of art are bound to find in this exhibition what they cannot exhaust before Chidinma’s next exhibition.

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