Junior Artist Presents a Realistic 3D Simulation of a Collapsing Cliff

Kieron Lee, a Junior FX Artist set to get a bachelor’s in Animation and Special Effects next month, has kicked off his career with a bang by showcasing an impressive 3D simulation of a rocky cliff collapsing into water.

Made as a third-year project at Escape Studios under the guidance of Daniel Shutt and Xavier Barker, the FX was set up using Houdini, SideFX’s flagship procedural 3D animation and VFX software, and a rock asset from the Megascans library. The project enabled the author to study the application in more depth and learn how to combine RBD, FLIP, volumes, and whitewater particles into one appealing simulation.

Going forward, Kieron plans to refine and enhance the setup by adding grains to the RBD simulation, adjusting the whitewater shader, texturing the inside of the rocks, and increasing the resolution of the render.

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