Irish Artists For Palestine say recognising the state of Palestine “is a welcome first step”

The collective posted a statement on their Instagram account following Taoiseach Simon Harris’ announcement this morning.

Activist organisation Irish Artists For Palestine have posted a statement responding to the Irish government’s decision to recognise the state of Palestine.

The organisation works toward Palestinian freedom through solidarity, activism and fundraising initiatives, with the help of artists across Ireland.

The post stated that the activists “welcome with open arms the Irish government’s move to officially recognise Palestine as a state, announced this morning, to come into effect on May 28th.”

“We hope our Palestinian brothers and sisters across the world see this as another mark of our dedication to the liberation of Palestine and its people. This is a welcome first step.”

The group then emphasised that this is only the first step by calling for the government to put actions to their words.

“But now there is no excuse to delay in making concrete, definitive actions to accompany the recognition of Palestinian statehood,” they said.

Among their list of demands was a call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire and sanctions for Israel, an immediate end to the US military’s use of Shannon Airport to transport arms to Israel, an immediate stop to the sale of dual use goods to Israel, and to allow the Freedom Flotilla to sail under the Irish Flag.

The activists also called for the passing of the Occupied Territories Bill, which was a proposed law in 2018, that would ban and criminalise “trade with and economic support for illegal settlements in territories deemed occupied under international law”, most notably Israeli settlements in Israeli-occupied territories.

Violators of the law would face fines of up to €250,000 and up to five years in prison.

The statement was concluded with the Irish Artists For Palestine logo of a woman wearing a keffiyeh scarf around her head, holding a flag reading “Ní saoirse go saoirse na Palaistíne”.

Irish Artists for Palestine will be hosting a fundraiser “Gig for Gaza” on June 19 in The Grand Social. The lineup includes Basht., Big Love, Cruel Sister, Baz, and DJ’s for the after sets.

All proceeds on the night will be going to the PCRF. Supporters can donate directly to the PCRF here.

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