Bubble artist Damian Jay represents Fareham in global event

The video showcased bubble artists at iconic landmarks, including Titchfield Abbey.

Damian said: “In a world where one in four individuals struggle with mental health challenges, and with stress and anxiety at record levels, the act of blowing bubbles is a simple yet effective way to relieve stress.”

“While I predominantly employ bubbles for entertainment purposes, their versatility extends into various practical applications, including therapy sessions, artistic endeavors, educational activities, and even scientific and environmental endeavors!”

Organised by the Association of International Bubble Artistes and held on May 6, International Bubble Blowing Day is described the the group as ‘a fun and light-hearted day dedicated to the simple joy of blowing and enjoying bubbles’.

Damian Jay is an award-winning cabaret artist behind the Believe-A-Bubble show.

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