91 galleries, 22 first time exhibitors

The Liste Art Fair in Basel, Switzerland, has announced the participating galleries for the 2024 edition. Running concurrently with Art Basel and in the Messe Basel, where Art Basel also takes place, this year’s fair will feature 91 galleries from 35 countries.

Among the exhibitors are 22 first-time participants including Tokyo’s Yutaka Kikutake, the Los Angeles–based gallery murmurs, Silke Lindner from New York, and Rele, which has locations in Lagos, London, and Los Angeles. 

The 2024 edition will also feature 65 solo and 16 group presentations, five joint booths, for a total of more than 100 contemporary artists represented with an overarching theme of “the complex relationship between humans and the environment,” according to a release.

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This year, the Friends of Liste group has given financial help to 12 galleries including Bombon from Barcelona, Spain; Crisis from Peru; and the South Korean gallery Cylinder.

Liste Art Fair Basel will take place June 10–16 at Messe Basel’s Hall 1.1. The fair’s digital format, Liste Showtime Online, will open on June 5 for previews and to the public from June 10–23. Their second digital format, Liste Expedition Online, is already accessible. 

The full exhibitor list follows below. (Galleries marked with * indicate first-time exhibitors.)

Exhibitor Location(s)
a. Squire* London
Addis Fine Art Addis Ababa/London 
Afriart Kampala
Bel Ami Los Angeles
Blue Velvet  Zurich
Bombon  Barcelona 
Brunette Coleman* London
Callirrhoë*  Athens
Capsule  Shanghai
Chris Sharp* Los Angeles 
Ciaccia Levi  Paris/Milan
Cibrián*  San Sebastian 
CLC Gallery Venture  Beijing
Clima  Milan
Coulisse*  Stockholm
Crisis Lima
Cylinder* Seoul
Damien & The Love Guru Brussels/Zurich
diez Amsterdam
Drei Cologne
Edouard Montassut Paris
eins* Limassol
Eli Kerr Montreal
Fanta-MLN  Milan
Femtensesse Oslo
François Ghebaly  Los Angeles/New York
Franz Kaka Toronto
Gallery Vacancy Shanghai
Gauli Zitter*   Brussels
General Expenses* Mexico City
Gian Marco Casini Livorno
Ginny on Frederick London
Good Weather North Little Rock/Chicago
Hot Wheels Athens/London
Kai Matsumiya  New York
Kendall Koppe Glasgow
Khoshbakht  Cologne
Kogo Tartu
Lars Friedrich Berlin
Laurel Gitlen New York
Laveronica  Modica
Longtermhandstand* Budapest
Lovay* Geneva
Lucas Hirsch Dusseldorf
Lungley London
Madragoa  Lisbon
Margot Samel  New York
Martina Simeti Milan
Matthew Brown Los Angeles
murmurs* Los Angeles
Nicoletti  London
Noah Klink Berlin
Nova Bangkok
Öktem Aykut Istanbul
P21* Seoul
Page (NYC)*   New York
palace enterprise Copenhagen
Parallel Oaxaca   Oaxaca
Parliament  Paris
Petrine   Paris
philippzollinger   Zurich
Piedras   Buenos Aires
Piktogram   Warsaw
Polansky  Prague/Brno
Project Fulfill Taipei
Rele* Lagos
Rose Easton* London
Schiefe Zähne  Berlin
Selma Feriani Tunis
Seventeen  London
Shore Vienna
Silke Lindner*  New York
sissi club*  Marseille
Sophie Tappeiner   Vienna
Sperling  Munich
suns.works Zurich
Super Dakota Brussels
Suprainfinit Bucharest
Tabula Rasa Beijing/London
Tara Downs*  New York
Temnikova & Kasela Tallinn
The Ryder Madrid
Theta  New York
Valeria Cetraro   Paris
Vanguard Shanghai
VIN VIN Vienna
Voloshyn Kyiv/Miami
wanda Warsaw
Wonnerth Dejaco*  Vienna
Wschód Warsaw
Yutaka Kikutake* Tokyo

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