Mitochondria Gallery presents Brian Kansiime-Lister: “Threads of Time” opening reception

Mitochondria Gallery will present “Threads of Time,” the North American debut solo exhibition by Ugandan visual artist Brian Kansiime-Lister, featuring figurative paintings of women in contemplation.

Throughout this body of work, Kansiime-Lister portrays his subjects and their surroundings in detail with arresting compositions as he continues to build upon the use of portraiture to reclaim the depiction of Black women in times past. The visual language employed by Kansiime in this work continues to confront the myth of absence, an exclusion of Blackness in periods of history.

This work is an expansion of his “Timeless Echoes” series, where he bridges digital and traditional methods of visual art. Utilizing a camera, Kansiime-Lister captures the essence of his muses, who serve as the focal point of his compositions. He then meticulously scours the realms of ancient art, sourcing elements such as sculptures and objects that resonate with the themes of heritage and legacy. Through digital alchemy, he carefully weaves these ancient elements into the compositions, blending them harmoniously with the contemporary figures. This intentional fusion of times past and present is a central tenet of “Threads of Time,” representing the enduring impact of history on the contemporary narrative.

The exhibition will remain on display through May 4.

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