Local artist Hopkins’ work on display at Revalation

Local artwork is on display at Revalation Vineyards.

“Art at the Vineyard,” is local artist Courtney Hopkins latest exhibition and features her connection with nature and personal tributes through her artwork. The exhibition includes three larger works that hold special significance to Hopkins as they commemorate three of the most beloved women in her life–her grandmothers, Jeane and Nettie, and her mother. Each painting captures elements that evoke memories of these women from the purple lenton roses in Jeane’s garden to the lemon tree and bluebirds associate with Nettie and the stained glass inspired blue irises that recall her mother’s creative spirit. 

Through her work, Hopkins aims to capture the essence of special moments and the beauty of everyday scenes. Her custom bouquet paintings immortalize the vivid colors and intricate details of wedding bouquets. Hopkins hopes her art inspires viewers to appreciate and preserve the natural world, emphasizing the importance of biodiversity for future generations.

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Hopkins has spent her life in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Her upcoming project, “Painting My Way Through Virginia’s Wine Country,” seeks to explore and highlight the distinct beauty of Virginia’s vineyards culminating in a coffee table book showcasing the landscapes and experiences encountered during her journey.

“Art at the Vineyard” will be on display at Revalation Vineyards through June 30. For more information about Hopkins, visit www.tinypineart.com.

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