HMS Protector ‘inspires artist’s Antarctic adventure’

HMS Protector has recently facilitated an extraordinary artistic endeavour.

Artist Polly Townsend joined the crew of HMS Protector, transforming her experiences into stunning visual art, which is now on display following her Antarctic voyage.

The Royal Navy say in a press release that the Plymouth-based icebreaker picked up Townsend in the Falkland Islands, crossing the daunting Drake’s Passage to the Antarctic Peninsula.

They also say that this journey provided Townsend unique access to some of the world’s most remote and inaccessible landscapes, all made possible by the support of the Royal Navy and HMS Protector.

During her five-week residency supported by the Friends of Scott Polar Research Institute, Townsend was given an unconventional studio space in the ship’s crow’s nest. From this vantage point, she enjoyed 360-degree views, shielded from the harsh Antarctic weather, which allowed her to work from dawn till dusk without other responsibilities.

In addition to providing a platform for artistic creation, HMS Protector also played a crucial role in delivering conservation supplies to Port Lockroy and Detaille Island.

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