Environmental Challenges & Paradises | Open Call | ArtsHub UK

Are you passionate about capturing the world around you and raising awareness about pressing environmental issues? We invite photographers from around the globe to participate in our online photography competition focused on the timely and important theme of “Environmental Challenges & Paradises”.

Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three entries, as well as promotion on social media and email blasts. The first place winner will be offered a free exhibition in the gallery’s FEATURED section.

Through your lens, showcase the environmental challenges that our planet faces, from climate change and pollution to biodiversity loss and sustainable development. Or show us the paradise you find in this world. This is an opportunity to use the power of photography to shed light on the critical issues impacting our environment and inspire positive change. We are also seeking images of the beautiful parts of our world that exist in equilibrium with life on earth.

DECAGON GALLERY is an online photography gallery based in Brooklyn, NY that specializes in contemporary photography. The gallery offers photographers several curated platforms to showcase their work and connect with art enthusiasts worldwide.

For more information, visit Decagon Gallery

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