Chennai’s vibrant chaos inspires me to create art: Visual artist Bhavya Desai

Illustrator and visual artist Bhavya Desai discusses his vision behind his artwork for the MyCityMyArt campaign

Since 2013, illustrator and visual artist Bhavya Desai has dedicated himself to “capturing the essence of everyday life of Chennai through art, emphasising the unnoticed beauty in routine activities”.

‘Chennai has so much to offer’
Bhavya says, “Chennai hasn’t moulded me as an artist, rather my artistic lens has shaped how I see the city. There’s so much this city offers – I’d need multiple lifetimes to explore it.”

Bhavya’s artwork captures Chennai’s bustling commute. “It depicts various vehicles at a traffic signal – like a parked auto rickshaw with its driver catching a wink, the bullock cart which has a vendor selling manure, and a crowded bus with passengers hanging onto the footboards. These scenes are often overlooked but add vibrancy to the city,” says Bhavya.

‘Campaigns like these help connect with the city’
The campaign offers a unique perspective to explore the city beyond its surface. Through art, we delve into the essence of Chennai, uncovering its hidden stories and cultural nuances.

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