Asian artists make Tai Kwun Artists’ Night in Hong Kong a feast for the senses with a mix of sonic and visual experiences

With its public programme, exhibitions and curated events, Tai Kwun has long supported “young and emerging artists from multidisciplinary backgrounds”, says Artists’ Night curator Louiza Ho Yuen-yu.

Lhola Amira is a South African-born artist who will have a special “appearance” at a small and intimate session at the Artists’ Night. Photo: Tai Kwun
Ho says the focus is on sonic and visual experiences as well as concepts of fluidity and spirituality. Also featured will be artists with links to the region, including Berlin-based Pan Daijing, who was born in Guiyang in Guizhou province, southwest China, Java-based duo Senyawa and Hong Kong’s Vaevae Chan Ka-yung.

“They each have unique characteristics that will bring different music genres, performance styles and installations to the audience,” says Ho.

Hong Kong-based artist Vaevae Chan will present a set of artificial rocks as art and seating installations at Tai Kwun for Artists’ Night. Photo: Tai Kwun

Headliner Pan, an artist and composer, known for pushing the boundaries of sound and form, will show her video installation The Hour Between Dog and Wolf, shot in Hong Kong in 2021.

The video work is accompanied by Chan’s new “seating installation”, comprising artificial rocks that resemble a huge, hand-like mountain growing out of the floor. Visitors can rest on the sculptures while watching Pan’s video.

Exploring tribal and primitive sounds, Senyawa’s live installation, on view at F Hall Studio, invites visitors to interact with the Indonesian duo’s musical instruments made of natural raw materials and farming tools.

Guiyang-born, Berlin-based musical artist Pan Daijing will have a video installation showing at Tai Kwun’s Artists’ Night. Photo: Dzhovani Gospodinov/Tai Kwun

The interactions will be relayed into sounds and wall projections, transforming organic instrument manipulation into “digital voices and visuals”, says Ho. “It’s also a reflection on humanity’s role within nature in our digital expansion.”

The small and intimate session is referred to as an “appearance” and not a “performance”, out of respect for the indigenous South African Nguni tribe’s concepts of generational trauma, ancestral connections and ecological grief.

Java-based experimental duo Senyawa will present a live installation and music performance at Artists’ Night. Photo: Tai Kwun/Arnold Simanjuntak

Ho says to expect different levels of energy, from a calm, spiritual vibe to a dark and intense sonic presentation.

The invitation-only events include Malaysian filmmaker Tsai Ming-liang’s two-hour theatre performance The Monk from Tang Dynasty; Hong Kong-born DJ Xiaolin’s acid house, electro and techno set; an audiovisual concert by Pan; and a musical performance, Vajranala, by Senyawa.

Artists’ Night, Tai Kwun, 10 Hollywood Road, Central. March 28, 6pm to 11.30pm. Free of charge and partly invitation-only.

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