Works from artists with disabilities featured in historic exhibition in San Francisco

Jeffrey Brown:

Most striking now, the embrace of these artists by the mainstream art world, where a number of them, including William Scott, are in important collections and leading museums like SFMOMA and earning money for their work.

The museum, in fact, recently purchased more than 100 works by Creative Growth artists, and this exhibition is the start of a three-year partnership.

Katy Siegel is SFMOMA’s research director. The hope for this first exhibition, she says:

Katy Siegel, Research Director, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: Just to blow people away, overwhelm them with the evidence that these artists are incredibly important.

That said, going forward, I’m really most excited in a way about showing that art throughout the whole museum, putting it in the context of the larger collection, and showing these artists just like all the other great artists making great artwork in our collection.

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