Seeking Arctic Artists To This Fall’s Big Stage in Nuuk


Pan-Arctic Vision welcomes contributions within the following framework:

“The work of music could be a song, tune, rap, chant, composition – whatever can be performed live on stage by yourself (and possibly some more people). Time limit is approximately 4 minutes,” writes the organizers and continues:

“Even if this event is named Pan-ArcticVision, we are not looking for your typical «Eurovision song»: The Pan-ArcticVision is about the local cultures of the Arctic, how they are similar, and how they are different. We want local languages, local musical cultures, and local fusions of styles (no English for those who are not native English speakers).”

“We want lyrics concerning local and northern issues and feel free to include political topics. We are looking for professional contributions, but there are no limitations on style, age, orientation, or worldview – and the avant-garde is, of course, welcome! Please surprise us!”

Read more about registration at Pan-Arctic Vision’s website.

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