PM asks Culture Ministry to guide artists on behaviours to uphold dignity and safeguard traditional arts and culture

Prime Minister Hun Manet requested the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts to rectify errors, provide guidance on appropriate behaviours to uphold dignity, and prevent any detrimental effects on traditional arts.

The premier spoke on Thursday (Apr. 25) during his gala dinner with artists at Diamond Island Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Hun Manet underlined that adhering to artistic ethics is crucial for the sustainability of success in the arts.

Professionals in the field must serve as guardians, offering guidance, technical assistance, and reinforcing mechanisms for commendation and encouragement through certificates, recognition, and award applications.

The premier underscored, “The Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts also needs to provide guidance, correction, and orientation, pinpointing behaviours necessary to uphold dignity and prevent adverse impacts on the nation’s arts, culture, and traditions.”

On that occasion, Prime Minister Hun Manet also added that “back wave pushes front wave” is a natural law. Senior artists not only lead but also serve as examples for the next generation. Supporting, mentoring, and transferring knowledge to the youth is imperative for preserving ancestral heritage and fostering the continuous growth of arts and culture.

At the same time, Hun Manet expressed gratitude and high regard for all arts practitioners who support the government’s policy to safeguard ancestral heritage, strengthen national identity, and contribute to the community.

Their sacrifice of physical and mental effort to mentor and pass on knowledge to the younger generation is deeply appreciated.Fresh News

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