I started doing a makeup artist’s ‘unnatural’ tip for filling in my brows

A MAKEUP fan has revealed the professional unconventional tip that made filling her brows easy.

After implementing the beauty trick, she said it was all she did for fuller-looking brows.

A Redditor swore by makeup artist Lisa Eldridge’s technique for browsCredit: Youtube/Sephora

Redditor CherryKuma credited makeup artist Lisa Eldridge with the technique that changed her brow game.

Instead of brushing her brow hair upwards and then filling it in, Lisa’s method avoided overdrawing towards the top of the brow.

“Lisa Eldridge has a video where she talks about brushing the brows down before filling them in so that you can find the natural highest point and avoid overfilling on the top,” they said.

“Still the only way I can do my brows and makes a huge difference if it’s been a while since I’ve cleaned them up.

“Never would’ve thought to do that myself since I was always told to brush my brows into my preferred placement before filling them in.”

In the YouTube tutorial, Lisa demonstrated the technique on her brows.

“A really good way of creating the high point of the brows is to brush them down. This feels unnatural but once you’ve done that, you can go in and put lots of light feathery strokes with a pencil,” she said.

“It almost creates an architecture on which the brow is built. Then brush back over and this gives a really natural-looking arch.”

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With the end of her spoolie, she quickly blended out the strokes she created with her eyebrow pencil.

To finish off the brows, she added more feathery strokes, following along with her brow’s natural shape, and cleaned up mistakes with a cotton swab.

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Beauty fans were pleasantly surprised by her trick and many swore by it after discovery.

Some said it was simply the only technique they turned to for the most natural brows.

“This is the only way I do my brows and it looks the most natural,” said one fan.

“I do this one too and her Monroe technique of making the arch bit ever so slightly higher. Best brows I’ve ever had!” wrote another.

It almost creates an architecture on which the brow is built. Then brush back over and this gives a really natural-looking arch.

Lisa EldridgeMakeup Artist

“I feel as though I have no need to follow any other makeup or skincare videos. You are lovely and thank you!” said one YouTube commenter.

One woman who preferred to highlight her features rather than scope out an entirely new brow shape agreed.

“Beautifully done! I personally don’t like the Instagram drag queen-like eyebrows,” she wrote.

“They just harden people’s features and they look so fake.”

Some were shocked to learn the unorthodox trick, considering what they’ve been taught across beauty communities.

“My mind is blown,” wrote one Redditor.

One woman said it “made a huge difference” in her routineCredit: Youtube/Sephora

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