Eating Fish and Chips, visiting the Tower, and more: what MCM Artist Alley celebrity creators want to get up to in London

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London, England! It’s a vibrant hub of activity that’s recognized as a cultural hotspot by the world at large! It’s also the home of MCM Comic Con twice a year — May and October, if you’re curious — and that means that we got the chance to ask some comic creators what their favorite thing to do while they’re in the nation’s capital city is.

In this latest installment of Artists Alley Asks, it’s time to let Hamish Steele, Khary Randolph, Kit Buss, Marc Laming, and Rachael Smith — all five tabling at the recent MCM London May 2024 — tell us what their favorite thing to do in London actually is.

Spoilers: there’s a surprising focus on food, even if no-one’s agreeing on what type of food. To be fair, there’s some really great food in London…

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