Bush’s Gavin Rossdale Names 10 Essential Albums by UK Artists

As part of Consequence’s Post-Grunge Week, we present our first-ever video Crate Digging list courtesy of Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale. Watch the video above and read selections below for Rossdale’s 10 essential albums by UK artists, then see our picks for the 50 Greatest Post-Grunge Songs.

Whenever we do these Crate Digging features, we like to have our participants name an “essential track” from each of their chosen albums. When asked to pick a key song from the second record on his list of 10 essential UK albums, Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale responded honestly:

“I’ve tried to choose records that really, for me, it’s the whole record. I like the whole thing of a record, because as much as the world goes on singles now and no one’s got time anymore, when you do love a band, you want to fall into their whole aesthetic and who they are. And you can’t really get that from one song, I believe. I think that when you play a record, it separates true artists from people with really good singles.”

This guy gets it. As he went through his selections, it was clear that Rossdale had put the same amount of consideration into each of his picks. From the classics (David Bowie, Radiohead, Amy Winehouse) to the more modern (IDLES, Young Fathers) to the deeply personal (PJ Harvey, The Fall), the rocker made his selections with the intention of running the gamut.

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Rossdale went so in depth with discussing each of the 10 UK LPs he chose that it’s a good thing we had the cameras running. For the first time ever, we present a full video version of Crate Digging, filmed at Kensaltown East with the help of Rough Trade NYC. Watch the full interview above (or via YouTube) and read below for even more context from Rossdale.

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