Artist in residence: Concept artists Boyuan Ryan Shi and Xiaoxue Snowy Zhang

“My girlfriend and I are both concept artists, and fortunate enough to work for companies that support remote work,” says Ryan. “Since we spend most of our time at home, a comfortable workspace is crucial for enhanced productivity.

As we don’t own a house, we opt to stay in one place for a maximum of two years before moving. One reason is that life can become repetitive if we stay in one place for too long. We begin to notice our moving pattern, and it becomes monotonous. One added bonus of frequent moves is the chance to decorate and design the layout of our new place. This process poses a challenge because there’s no perfect apartment, but we concept artists thrive on challenges.

A corner focused on this typewriter. We’ve always been interested in vintage machines but never considered owning one. Our friend found this one next to their car in an apartment garage, and since no one claimed it, they brought it home and gave it to us when they moved. (Image credit: Boyuan Ryan Shi and Xiaoxue Snowy Zhang)

Choosing to set up our workspace in the living room was deliberate, given its ample sunlight. Additionally, we sometimes engage in personal work or play games on our own devices, allowing us to maintain conversation instead of isolating ourselves in separate rooms.”

A beautiful corner to store all the remaining toys and plushies we couldn’t fit in our living room. Snowy organised them into groups and they look adorable. (Image credit: Boyuan Ryan Shi and Xiaoxue Snowy Zhang)

Snowy adds: “You may have noticed we have several live plants. They provide us a pleasant distraction when we’ve been staring at screens for too long. Acquiring these has gotten addictive, and keeping them alive is rewarding.

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