10 Melodic Producers Similar To The Anjunadeep Megastar

Since emerging in the mid-2010s, Marsh has quickly become an Anjunadeep megastar and a constant talent on some of the label’s biggest gigs, showcases, and festivals. His journey into dance music was often fueled by a lifelong passion and dedication, transforming his love for early 2000s trance and crossover drum and bass into a signature sound that captivates audiences worldwide.

For fans of Marsh seeking similar artists who share his passion for creating emotionally driven and melodic dance music, this short list highlights ten producers whose stories and artistic journeys parallel those of the Anjunadeep megastar.

These artists, each with unique stories, continue to push the boundaries of melodic house and progressive sounds, offering a fresh yet familiar vibe for those who appreciate Marsh’s sound.

A Short List Of Artists Who Sound Like Marsh


Cubicolor, a British/Dutch trio, is known for its deep house and melodic sound. The group blends electronic and acoustic elements to create unique tracks. The group’s emotional honesty in its music is identical to Marsh’s approach, as both artists strive to connect deeply with their listeners through evocative melodies and thoughtful lyrics.

Cubicolor’s ability to adapt and evolve, as seen in their post-pandemic album “Sometime Not Now,” mirrors Marsh’s dedication to reimagining his work and exploring new creative directions.


OCULA, a UK-based producer, shares Marsh’s passion for creating deeply emotive and melodic house tracks. His journey into electronic music began with a fascination for atmospheric soundscapes and a desire to evoke strong emotions through his productions.

OCULA’s ability to blend melodies with club-friendly rhythms is much like Marsh’s, making his tracks resonate on a whole new level. His continuous exploration of new sounds and dedication to his craft make him a fitting comparison to Marsh.


Denver-based artist Discognition has a background in music theory and a passion for deep house and progressive sounds, which are not too dissimilar to Marsh’s melodic style. His early career, from college basement gigs to opening for major acts like Marsh, showcases his dedication to connecting with audiences through authentic and heartfelt performances.

Discognition’s focus on maintaining a balance between personal life and music echoes Marsh’s experiences of managing creative burnout and finding inspiration.

Martin Roth

Berlin-based DJ and producer Martin Roth combines classical piano training with deep house and electronic influences, creating a rich, textured sound that appeals to both emotional and intellectual sensibilities.

His extensive experience and continuous exploration of new musical directions parallel Marsh’s works of reimagining his past work while staying true to his core influences. Roth’s collaborations and consistent output reflect a similar dedication to the craft that Marsh embodies.


The Toronto-based duo Beije creates hypnotic and melancholic melodies, blending rhythmic elements to produce memorable dance floor moments. Their story of discovering their musical path at a festival and their ongoing exploration of different sub-genres aligns with Marsh’s career of musical discovery and evolution.

Beije’s emphasis on innovation within their genre and commitment to creating emotionally resonant music make them a fitting comparison to Marsh.

Guy J

A prominent figure in the progressive house scene, Guy J shares Marsh’s focus on creating deeply emotive and melodic tracks. His ability to craft intricate soundscapes that evoke strong emotional responses mirrors Marsh’s approach to music production.

Both artists have a knack for reworking their music to keep it fresh and engaging, ensuring that their sound continues to evolve while maintaining a solid connection with their audience.

Kamilo Sanclemente

Colombian producer Kamilo Sanclemente has been a consistent figure in progressive house and melodic techno scenes even if he hasn’t seen the mass appeal that Marsh has. He is known for his deeply emotional tracks and some of the most dance-friendly grooves in the game.

His career in the electronic music world has been marked by a relentless pursuit of innovation and connection with his audience, much like Marsh. Kamilo’s story of rising from the vibrant Colombian music scene to gaining international recognition mirrors Marsh’s path of growth and global outreach. I am fortunate to have seen this guy play out at ADE in 2023.

Giovanny Aparicio

Giovanny Aparicio, another talent from Colombia, has carved out a niche for himself with his emotive and atmospheric productions. His dedication to pushing the boundaries of his sound and his commitment to emotional storytelling through music mirrors Marsh’s artistic philosophy. Giovanny’s ability to connect deeply with his listeners through his tracks and his journey from local clubs to international stages highlight a shared dedication to their art and fans.

Nathan Katz

Nathan Katz, a promising artist in the melodic house scene, has been making waves with his emotionally charged productions and compelling personal story. His music reflects his experiences and challenges, creating a deep connection with his audience. Nathan’s story of overcoming obstacles and continuously pushing his creative boundaries is reminiscent of Marsh’s journey in the music industry, making him a fitting comparison.


Wassu, an emerging artist known for his melodic and progressive house tracks, shares a similar dedication to emotional depth and connection in his music. His track record of discovering electronic music to producing tracks that resonate with a global audience parallels Marsh’s evolution.

Wassu’s focus on creating meaningful and emotive music that speaks to his listeners’ experiences aligns closely with Marsh’s artistic vision, making him a compelling artist to watch.

What Genre Of Music Is Marsh The DJ?

While Marsh’s DJ sets often feature music from a wide range of different genres, the main genre that he is known for in his releases is melodic house music.

Melodic house is a subgenre of house music that emphasizes melodic elements, creating an emotional and uplifting experience for listeners. It combines the rhythmic foundations of traditional house music with melodic hooks and harmonies often borrowed from genres like pop and trance. This fusion results in a danceable and emotionally resonant sound, making it a popular choice for both casual listening and dance floors.

One of the distinguishing features of the melodic house is the use of live instruments, such as guitars and pianos, which add an organic and human touch to the music. This contrasts with traditional house music, which relies heavily on electronic sounds and samples. Incorporating live instruments helps create a richer, more textured sound that can evoke deeper emotional responses from listeners, making the genre more accessible to a broader audience.

Is Marsh Married?

Marsh, known off-stage as Tom Marshall, has a deeply rooted connection to the trance and progressive house scenes. His journey into music production began with the influence of Armin van Buuren’s State of Trance and Above & Beyond’s Trance Around The World radio shows. In 2009, he started mastering his digital audio workstation, Logic, channeling his classical music background into the dance music realm. This dedication to his craft continued through his studies at Kingston University in London, where he pursued a program in music technology.

During his university years, Tom met his future wife, Maddy, who now works as a nurse in Cincinnati. Their relationship blossomed while Tom honed his music production skills from his dormitory bedroom.

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