Why Vieunite’s Textura Digital Canvas is the only work of art you need

From your fondest memories to priceless paintings, Vieunite’s Textura Digital Canvas transforms the way you can display art at home

The chances are you and I are never going to own a Mondrian. Or a Monet. Or, indeed, a Manet. But what if I said for a snip under £600, you could enjoy all three in your living room in one evening?

Vieunite’s Textura Digital Canvas is a new digital display that allows you to upload your favourite photos as well as choose from some of the greatest works of art ever created.

The innovative digital canvas boasts texture-accurate display technology – so if it’s an oil painting, you’ll want to reach out and touch the impasto; if it’s a watercolour, you’ll be able to see through the brushstrokes to the cold-pressed paper beneath.

Vieunite’s mission goes well beyond the classics. Its digital art community, headed up by the brand’s cultural director, Dr Benedict Carpenter van Barthold – what a name! – nurtures emerging artists and enables Textura Digital Canvas owners to invest directly into this ever-expanding talent pool by paying to download the works of their choice.


The company has established partnerships with The Royal Society and RBSA Gallery, as well as developing and curating new collaborations with important contemporary galleries and individual artists, including leading art schools such as Central St Martins and the Royal College of Art.

Depending on the artist, prices for individual works tend to range from £5 up to £50. But of course, you can also upload your personal pieces and photographs. With Vieunite, you’re very much the curator of your own gallery.

Designed by Vieunite’s Birmingham-based development team, the 27-inch Textura Digital Canvas can be mounted in horizontal or vertical, and includes an anti-glare finish, which really helps take that textured finish to the next level.

It’s encompassed in a slender modern wooden frame available in a pine, birch, walnut or black finish, allowing you to match the canvas with your home’s décor. And it easily pops on via a magnetic system.

Vieunite Textura Digital Canvas, £599, vieunite.com

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