The art and investment of luxury watches: A conversation in horology with L’Epee’s Arnaud Nicolas and Time Avenue’s Viraal Rajan

In an exclusive tête-à-tête, Business Today’s Pranav Dixit delved into the minds of two luminaries shaping the realm of luxury horology: Viraal Rajan, the astute mind behind Time Avenue, and Arnaud Nicolas, the visionary steering L’Epee 1839. These leaders, each in their domain, unravelled their philosophies, revealing a narrative beyond the glimmer of timepieces and unveiling the true artistry woven within their creations.

Viraal Rajan: Time Avenue’s Essence of Excellence

Evolving Dynamics in Luxury Timepieces

Viraal Rajan, the director of Time Avenue, elucidated upon the metamorphosis within the luxury timepiece market. Refusing to tread the pre-owned path, Time Avenue stands steadfast, curating an anthology of fresh, elite timepieces. Rajan’s focus is not solely on selling watches; it’s about orchestrating an unparalleled shopping experience, a journey enriched with heritage and savoir-faire.

Rajan articulated, “Our watches transcend time, embodying not just precision but the narrative of esteemed watchmakers.” The ethos of Time Avenue rests on an unwavering commitment to heritage, ensuring each piece represents an epoch of elegance and legacy.

Luxury Watches: An Investment?

Acknowledging the burgeoning interest in luxury watches as investments, Rajan touched upon craftsmanship, scarcity, and stability as catalysts fuelling this trend. “The stability of luxury watches during economic flux adds allure, offering investors a sense of security,” he explained.

At Time Avenue, their dedication aligns seamlessly with the zeitgeist, fostering a collection that encompasses not just aesthetic grandeur but also enduring value—an investment transcending the ephemeral.

Authenticity and Quality Assurance

While pre-owned watches surge in popularity, Time Avenue’s strategy remains unwavering—exclusivity through new, authentic pieces. “Our commitment to authenticity,” Rajan affirmed, “is sealed through direct collaborations with authorized dealers and stringent quality controls.”

This assurance ensures each timepiece transcends as not just genuine but a paragon of enduring excellence.

Navigating the Delicate Balance

Addressing the delicate equilibrium between enthusiasts and investors, Rajan underscored their curation, catering to both passion and investment. “Focusing on renowned brands and limited editions,” he elucidated, “ensures exclusivity while catering to diverse aspirations.”

Future Technology’s Impact

Rajan, foreseeing technology’s integration, particularly blockchain, affirmed its transformative potential. “Blockchain assures authenticity,” he stated, “ushering in a transparent and trustworthy resale process.”

Rajan’s parting advice for aspiring collectors was rooted in passion and prudence, urging them to immerse themselves in heritage while choosing timeless styles for a lucrative investment.

Arnaud Nicolas: L’Epée 1839’s Artistic Voyage

Fusion of Art and Technology

Arnaud Nicolas, formerly in aerospace engineering, delineated his transition, driven by a fusion of science and art. “Aerospace was great for science,” he confessed, “but the avenue to fuse both worlds lay in horology.”

The Artistic Genesis

Nicolas shared L’Epée’s unique approach, starting afresh with each creation. “We begin with a story,” he explained, “designing the movement and housing together, evoking emotions, not merely creating objects.”

Sustainability: A Mark of Distinction

Emphasizing sustainability, L’Epée champions mechanical longevity and clean energy. “Our products,” Nicolas affirmed, “are built to last, with renewable energy fuelling our production.”

The Future of Luxury Horology

Reflecting on luxury horology’s future, Nicolas posited its evolution into a piece of living art. “It’s not merely about telling time,” he mused, “but owning a kinetic piece of art.”

Wisdom for Aspiring Creators

Arnaud Nicolas’s advice echoed resilience and belief, urging aspiring designers to forge their path, undeterred by naysayers. “Fulfill your dream,” he encouraged, “for greatness lies in unwavering determination.”

In a realm where timepieces transcend functionality, these visionaries have carved a narrative that resonates beyond the ticking hands—a narrative of passion, innovation, and timeless artistry. As the pendulum swings, their philosophies echo, encapsulating the essence of luxury horology—an art form crafted in every tick and tock.

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