Mura Ma is the artist run gallery investing in original artworks

Mura Ma is an art gallery in Marple, Stockport

The gallery is unique as it is artist-run, and independent and encourages people to buy original artworks. 

It may surprise you to know, but a wave of young people are now flocking to buy original art. 

Mura Ma can offer expert advice with specially curated exhibitions to point you in the right direction when it comes to sourcing beautiful original works. 

Mura Ma Gallery 

Mura Ma

The Gallery was set up by Nan Collantine, who is an artist herself. 

We sat down with her to discuss how Mura Ma is doing things differently. 

“I became an artist later in my life and soon after began organising DIY exhibitions and collectives. I always had half an eye on getting a space and when the building where Mura Ma is came up it was perfect. 

“We took over the space in the middle of 2022; it took us six months to strip it out and get things ready to open in January 2023 and has been all completely self-funded so far. 

“I am passionate about supporting female artists, mainly focusing on painters. We’ve seen a real resurgence in painting recently and I don’t think there are enough galleries in the North showing work for artists.

“It’s really hard for artists to get any kind of meaningful exposure for their work. There’s lots of open calls, but that’s not great for showing an artist’s full body of work, and that’s what we’re trying to achieve here.”

What makes Mura Ma different?

Mura Ma

What makes Mura Ma different is that it is run by artists, for artists

They put care at the heart of their exhibitions, showcasing the artist’s practice, and making sure it’s a valuable experience for them. 

By caring more for the artist and their needs, Nan has found out it has been a much more commercially successful and rewarding experience too. 

She said: “By allowing artists to have their shows, it gives them huge credibility. 

“It gives them a leg up in terms of career progression, and can help emerging artists get their work noticed. 

“We stay close to the artists, and they have a huge say in how their work is exhibited. It’s a mutually beneficial partnership where everyone wins.”

Nan believes the gallery provides a bridge between the artist and the audience, but also helps them articulate what they do beyond the gallery walls as well. 

Last year Mura Ma exhibited around 70 artists; with a few group shows thrown in for good measure. 

Amazing artists from the North West

The vast majority of these were local artists from Manchester and the North West. 

“The thing about Manchester creatives is they are all so supportive of each other, it’s awesome to be part of the network. 

“I was born in Manchester and I’ve always found it to be the most creative place.

“The city teaches you to be resilient and I think in a way, that’s what makes you creative. I think it makes people come up with creative ideas because we are outsiders. 

“We’re out of that London scene, and always do our own thing.”

Nan said one of the reasons she set Mura Ma up is because she didn’t always want to go down to London to see great art and she would love to see more contemporary galleries showing a wide range of art in the north. 

She is hoping now it can serve as a vital root in a Manchester-based art ecosystem, encouraging great artists to showcase their brilliant work. 

Mura Ma is also riding a growing surge of popularity of young people buying artist’s original works. 

“We work with emerging artists who are fledgling in their careers – it’s the point at which it’s a great time to buy their work. 

“We only sell original artworks because we think original art is way better than prints and can be just as affordable.

“Works on paper, for example, can be more affordable than prints and in the end, you have a completely original piece of work that no one else will have.

“Something is amazing about owning an original piece of art, it’s special.

“If you’re looking for something to invest in, an original piece from an emerging artist is probably a lot more worthwhile if you really research your artist – and buy an original.”

So if you’re looking to buy some art, or see an emerging artist first, Mura Ma is an incredible way to do so. 

In the last 12 months, Mura Ma has showcased work by local and international artists, all bringing a different style of work to the gallery.

“I want to help artists grow, but I also want to get a generation of collectors into buying art. You buy the art, you help the artist, and everyone wins. 

“There’s been a real wave of knowledgable young art buyers taking an interest in purchasing art. It’s been great to see. 

Upcoming Artists at the Mura Ma Gallery include sculptor Vic Wright, painter Fiona Moatt, and then the brilliant Naqsh Raj

It looks like a very exciting year ahead for the gallery. 

Why not go down and check out what they’ve got going on?

You can find Mura Ma at 15 Stockport Rd, Marple, Stockport SK6 6BD

The gallery is open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday 11 am – 4.30 pm.

You can find out more on their website by clicking here

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