Making Waves In Art Investment Through Dedication

Jane Efagwu is the founder and CEO of The Refined Advisory. The startup specialises in Art Investment, Real Estate Ventures, and Citizenship and Residency Opportunities.

According to Efagwu, the company operates by connecting clients with budding visual artists poised for greatness. By strategically investing in this artist’s work, clients can witness exponential growth in the value of their art assets over time.

Additionally, the company unlocks the immense potential of the real estate market, providing clients with opportunities in major markets like Africa, the Caribbean, and Europe.

Investments in lucrative commercial properties and charming residential spaces in The Caribbean connect our clients to new citizenships from countries like Dominica, St. Kitts and Nevis, and Saint Lucia, amongst others.

With sheer determination, an unwavering vision, and the desire to create a positive impact on people’s lives, Efagwu founded her company, starting from scratch after winning a scholarship from VFD Microfinance Bank, which armed her with invaluable knowledge and insights to launch the startup.



Refined Advisory’s investment model is a true goldmine for our clients. The open and flexible nature of our investment opportunities caters to individuals of diverse backgrounds, ages, and nationalities, ensuring a highly lucrative venture for both the company and the clients.

As a result of the fact that the best way to maximise your income is to make smart investments for you, your family, and your business, as well as the fact that anyone can make short- or long-term investments depending on where they are and where they hope to be in the future, connecting people with the best investment opportunities will always be a profitable business.



“My entrepreneurial journey has not been without challenges. Building a robust structure and gaining trust in an emerging industry posed significant hurdles. The initial scepticism from potential clients is due to my company’s lack of physical presence, and navigating foreign exchange rate fluctuations demands resilience and resourcefulness.

“Another challenge is building a team. I once came across a programme for emerging businesses to get paid employees by answering a questionnaire on their business model and what positions they need at this time. All that was required was for the business to send a monthly report back to the programme organisers. It is pretty unpopular, but I believe that more initiatives like that would help entrepreneurs like me.

“Lastly, a major challenge I have faced is the open-mindedness of Nigerians towards the types of investments we offer. For example, a lot of people in these parts do not believe in buying art as an investment because they do not understand how its value appreciates over time,” she said.



“My advice to aspiring entrepreneurs revolves around meticulous planning and strategic structuring of their visions at each growth stage. It is important to remember that embracing collaboration with mentors and team members and fostering adaptability within the dynamic socio-economic landscape ensures long-term success.

“Have a business plan and a structure for every stage of your business. When you are starting, how you hope to scale, and what the business should look like by next year It’s okay to start small, simple, and yet strategic. Based on your proposed plan and structure, it’s easy for collaborators like mentors and team members to tap into your vision and help you achieve your mission. Lastly, be flexible enough to refine your plans at every step of the way, especially with our dynamic socio-economic space here in Nigeria,” she pointed out.



Jane Efagwu is an inspirational trailblazer with a captivating story of achievements and groundbreaking endeavours.

In 2022, she won a scholarship from VFD Microfinance Bank, which qualified her to attend the Music Business Academy For Africa, a world-class music business academy founded by the Managing Director of Sony Music Publishing Nigeria, Godwin Tom.

Fresh from emerging as the No. 1 student in her cohort, Jane launched her startup, The Refined Advisory, intending to provide viable investments for individuals across Africa and around the globe.

Efagwu has diverse interests in culture and exploration, which fuel her determination to create a lasting impact and expand her network globally. With The Refined Advisory as her conduit for change, Jane is poised to leave an indelible mark on the investment world and beyond.





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