The annual Open Up art event has returned to Sheffield for its 25th year running.

The event invites artists and makers all over Sheffield to ‘open up’ their studios and showcase their work to the public.

One of the studios taking part is the Kelham Island Arts Collective studios (KIAC), with several artists getting involved and presenting their art work. 

Simon Wigglesworth-Baker, the founding director of KIAC said, “Art is central to what I do, I’m trained as a sculptor, I’ve been involved in the arts in Sheffield for 15 years, It’s who I am.”

KIAC started as a converted gym, with Simon inviting artists in to use the space, it eventually expanded to include the art gallery ‘Gage’ and the Arts Education Space.

The artists offer workshops and lessons for the public in an assortment of creative activities including life drawing, sculpting from life and clay play.

Open Up

One artist taking part in the event, Sarah Joseph-Dasent, said, “The event is really important to me as I meet so many new people who are interested in my work, not just collectors. I also meet so many new artists who I can then become friends with and support.”

The event is free of charge and is taking place over two weekends, 4 – 6 May and 11-12 May. 

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