Solo Exhibition ‘mystical Lines’ Inspires Youth

Lucknow: A talk by artist Yusuf inspired young attendees at the Kalasrot art gallery’s solo exhibition “Mystical Lines” on Sunday. The speakers included Yusuf, Prayag Shukla, Ashok Bhaumitra, and Jai Krishna Agarwal. Yusuf spoke about his use of lines in his artwork, saying, “Any piece of art speaks for itself. I find drawing my thoughts energising, and it brings me immense pleasure to see the younger generation approaching my work with such enthusiasm.”A total of 32 drawings were on display at the exhibition. Ashok Bhaumitra said, “Understanding an artwork is crucial, just like understanding poetry. Illustration also plays a vital role, and an artist should grant viewers complete freedom to interpret the work from their own perspectives.” Ashwini Kumar Prajapati (35), an art teacher, said, “It’s incredibly inspiring to listen to such a renowned artist. His work is highly detailed, and I’ve learned a great deal from it.” Another artist, Siddharth Dev, said, “I learn so much from his work. It’s very inspiring to hear about his process, from where he begins to where he finishes. Such insights improve one’s own work as well.”Artist and poet Prayag Shukla said, “Lines are fundamental to creation. Yusuf’s lines are so dense that they evoke a sense of travel.” A 50-minute film by Dr Shruti Lakhan Pal Tandon documenting Yusuf’s life, works, and awards was also screened at the event.

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