Royse Contemporary art gallery featuring ‘Primitive’ exhibition

Royse Contemporary is presenting “Primitive,” a solo exhibition of Phoenix Artist Daniel Shepherd through June 23.

The gallery will host a special reception for the artist on Friday, May 24, 2024 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., celebrating the artist and this new collection of work.

With this new exhibition, Shepherd is exploring color, line, abstraction while incorporating new materials and concepts in an exciting and fresh way. His work evokes a raw quality focusing on color, movement, and energy with this bold and diverse new collection that includes brand new paintings, collages and mixed media works, according to a press release.
“Primitive” refers to the primal quality of the work.

“These paintings and assemblages were all developed with each step forward in the evolution of my work, realizing the purest essence that lies in life’s subtle nuances and simple joys,” Shepherd said in the release.

Shepherd’s painting focuses on minimalism and abstraction utilizing acrylic paint on re-purposed hand distressed wood panels. His painting technique merges bright and saturated colors often colliding with bold line work and organic forms. He is also known for his vintage collages reconfiguring imagery and subjects in interesting and often unusual ways while retaining their elegance and natural beauty combined with his organic style.

His new exhibition, “Primitive,” showcases the progression of Shepherd’s work with these new mixed media assemblages that fuse together his painting, collages, with the addition of unique pieces of wood creating a 3-dimensional element to the works that gives them a sculptural quality.

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