New exhibition titled “Recess” opens at Wilkes Art Gallery

Wilkes Art Gallery supporters included Len and Libby Brooks. Wilkes Record photo by Ken Welborn

The Wilkes Record

A new exhibition titled “Recess” opened at the Wilkes Art Gallery on Friday, May 24. Above left, Josiah King, artist and educator from Eastern North Carolina, with his favorite painting entitled “Floor in Orange.” Right, Betty Powell stands with some memorabilia from the late “Cheap Joe” Miller estate, including his Van Gogh costume. The exhibition, which runs until June 27, also features work by Craig Franz, and Tara Spil. The evening opening included a reception. Wilkes Record photos by Ken Welborn

The Wilkes Record

Left, Patti Trice, visits with Junior and Donna Goforth. Other gallery supporters included Len and Libby Brooks of Wilkesboro.

The Wilkes Record

Music was provided my Wilkes musician Louie Pardue. Right, is a work by Craig Franz entitled “All Saints. The exhibition is sponsored by Chuck and Kim Forester and Madeline and Gary Johnson.

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