Lucca Hue-Williams on Albion Jeune, Her London Gallery

Growing up in London, Lucca Hue-Williams always knew she would have an art gallery one day. “It’s been a dream my whole life,” she says. “It wasn’t a question of how, but a question of when.”

Hue-Williams, 26, opened Albion Jeune, a sleek, 1,300-square-foot gallery on Little Portland Street, last October. The opening coincided with London’s Frieze art fair, and friends from around the world attended the inaugural exhibition, Esben Weile Kjaer’s “I Want to Believe,” in which the Danish multi-media artist set up a stained-glass room decorated with skulls and performed a “dance of death.” The reviews were overwhelmingly positive. “The London art scene just got bigger,” Wallpaper declared.

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