In the darkness of the night, tightrope walking like lightning on your skin…

The Galerie L’Entrée des Artistes presents the exhibition of the artist  LilyRoze, Dans les ténèbres de la nuit, funambuler comme un éclair sur ta peau… Alexandra Palka writes:

Good as gold, they say. And yet. Rare are the works which imbue the gaze with a proudly sensual flame so intense, cold jewels where these sleeping souls awaken. Diaphanous beauties? Tempting muses? Mysterious nymphs? Sleeping goddesses? Sacred idols? Here is a whole mythology made up of celestial tightrope walkers who play on the rope of desire; our eyelids sealed with a twilight dream populated by opalescent muses avoiding the light. Faced with the work of LilyRoze, there is no doubt, Prometheus stole the sacred fire to embrace this elegiac pantheon which flatters the retina with a delicate poetry of the body, a carnal reminiscence of submerged parades.

In those heady shots, the light is truant, the chiaroscuro pulses with eternity. The thickness of the shadows brings to the firmament the voluptuous forms which sparkle in a darkness of exile. We have become these mad gold miners who have come to capture these stars of the wind which threaten to vanish in rustling fabric to offer them to the sky; washing the gold sands of our memories to extract divine sorrows. How sweet it is to awaken in oneself this melancholy which leaves one free to dream one’s idylls, to cry one’s hopes, to desperately count the squandered treasures. While the images chant a mysterious song of Eros, one thing remains certain: we only ever create to the rhythm of the tremors of our heart.

“I don’t photograph what I see, but what I feel,” explains LiLiRoze. Imprecise contours, blurs resonating like an echo, which we recognize as the trace of a dream we already had, a reminiscence. An approach close to hallucination, on the verge of unconscious revelation, the obvious clarity or its shadow, always denser and more fragile. Everything is concentrated in a second of abandon where grace and intimacy combine in a gesture suspended in the flight of time.

“How I love to see, dear indolent / Of your body so beautiful / Like a wavering fabric, / The shimmering skin! » confesses Baudelaire in a vaporous reverie dedicated to one of his most famous muses, Jeanne Duval, where the feverish soul of the poet desperately tries to tame – through incandescent incantations – a passionate love, source of suffering, which takes you on an exotic journey of the senses. “To see you walking in rhythm, / Beautifully abandoned, / It looks like a snake dancing / At the end of a stick”. The desired body becomes this poisonous star that consumes inspiration. A flower of evil planted in the very heart from which the bitter wine of wandering loves is released. The body, suggested, sublimated, fantasized, is therefore at the origin of many words; ailments that we do not hesitate to treat in the ethereal atmosphere of artificial paradises…

From graceful arabesques in festive circles, from frail silhouettes in callipygian Venus, from sculptural lines in expressive movements, from abstract features in vibrant sketches, and ghostly absences in joyful sarabands, LiliRoze’s bodies stage human passions as skillfully as divine tragedies; transfiguring the flesh by translating the fragility, strength and grace of the human in its irrepressible ambition to embrace, challenge and invest space; sublime transcendence that we call life. This need to translate one’s energy – as primitive as it is universal – inhabits creations from all horizons in defiance of disciplines, borders and the upheavals of art history. So, let us dare a bold hypothesis: what if art had no other mission than to represent the essence of beings, this mysterious vibration of bodies? 

Alexandra Palka


LiLiRoze : Dans les ténèbres de la nuit, funambuler comme un éclair sur ta peau…
from May 24 to July 20, 2024
Galerie L’Entrée des Artistes
25 rue des Tournelles
75004 Paris

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