Horse Show hosts ‘Art Gallery at Devon’

Bryn Mawr Hospital Foundation group Jeff Day, Ivan Scott and Rob Good, MD chat with join Devon Horse Show and Country Fair Chairman and CEO, Wayne Grafton. (Photo by Maggie Corcoran)

On Wednesday, May 22 the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair hosted their premier kick-off event (for the First Night at Devon) the Art Gallery at Devon.

Approximately 200 chair members, sponsors, committee members, artists and friends were in attendance and enjoyed an open bar and gourmet fare.

Guests also had the chance to be the first to view and purchase the exhibiting art and meet some of the locally and nationally recognized artists.

The Devon Horse Show and Country Fair is the oldest and largest outdoor multi-breed horse show in the United States.

This year is the Devon Horse Show’s 128th anniversary and lasts May 22 thru June 2.

The show includes amazing horses and offers special events such as a dog show, carriage pleasure drive, tributes to Heroes on Memorial Day, Ladies’ Day and hat contest, children’s tea party and hat parade to name a few.

Great times and fun will be had and the funds raised will be donated to their beneficiary, The Bryn Mawr Hospital.

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