Hidden Turtle Art Gallery to offer painting lesson

The class is appropriate for beginners. Courtesy | Facebook 

The Hidden Turtle Art Gallery is hosting an instructor-led painting class from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on April 13th. 

The class, taught by instructor and owner of the gallery Dena Rushton, will take place at 6 S. Howell St. in Hillsdale. 

Participants can sign up  on the Hidden Turtle Art Gallery Facebook account through private messaging or come as a walk-in, Rushton said. 

Each painting session costs $35. Rushton will provide an 11 inch by 14 inch canvas, painting materials, and instruction. 

I supply everything that you need to paint the brushes and the canvas, and then I will stand in front of the class and go step-by-step on how to get to the final product,” she said.

The class is for anyone with any range of talent, Rushton said. 

“I teach techniques that people can take and paint on their own. I encourage creativity,” she said. “I like to see people create their own masterpiece.”

For artists who have more experience, Rushton provides larger canvases and other materials. 

“People who are more experienced actually prefer to do bigger canvases. So they can do a 16 inch by 20 inch canvas if they prefer, and there is a slight upcharge for the larger canvas,” she said. 

Many attendees are beginners, Rushton said. 

The upcoming class will feature a flower painting Rushton calls “Hydrangeas at Home,” which was chosen by attendees of previous painting sessions. 

“You will walk away with your own flowering masterpiece,” she said. 

Holly Haynes, a reoccuring attendee, said that the painting classes have been super fun and have aided her in developing her painting skills. 

“I really thought I didn’t have the ability to do it,” Haynes said. “I was surprised when I finished and stepped back from the painting.” 

The classes have also fostered a community in the studio, she said. 

 “I enjoy the help, fellowshipping with the other painters, and encouraging them,” Haynes said. 

Rushton also offers one-on-one sessions for people who cannot make the Saturday sessions and those who want more structured lessons. 

With increasing attendance for the sessions, Rushton said she hopes to get a larger space in the future. 

“When I have 12 pupils it gets a little crowded,” she said.  “We are going to be moving to a bigger studio eventually.”  


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