Glynn Vivian Art Gallery celebrates 25 years of Wakelin Award

Founded in memory of Swansea-based artists, Richard and Rosemary Wakelin, the annual award is given to an artist living and working in Wales, whose work is purchased for the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery’s Permanent Collection.

Previous award winners include Robert Harding, David Tress, Pete Davis, Craig Wood, David Garner, Tim Davies, Dick Chappell, Brendan Stuart Burns, Anthony Shapland, Catrin Webster, Jonathan Anderson, Meri Wells, David Cushway, Helen Sear, Clare Woods, Alexander Duncan, Philip Eglin, Richard Billingham, Anya Paintsil, Cinzia Mutigli and Ingrid Murphy.

Anya Paintsil's 2020 winning artwork
Anya Paintsil’s 2020 winning artwork
(Image: Ed Cross Fine Art)
David Tress' 2001 winning artwork
David Tress’ 2001 winning artwork
(Image: Ken Dickinson)
Philip Eglin’s 2017 winning entry
(Image: Glynn Vivian Art Gallery)

Dr Peter Wakelin, said: “When we set up the Award after my mother died in 1998, we thought it would be something our parents would have enjoyed because of their love of the Glynn Vivian, and it would last for a few years. We never guessed that the scheme would continue to be so worthwhile for a quarter of a century. It’s fantastic to look back at all the artists the Award has supported in that time and the wealth of works that have been added to the Glynn Vivian collection to be enjoyed by the people of Swansea.”

Louise Burston, Chair of the Friends of the Glynn Vivian, added: “The Friends are very pleased to be involved with such a prestigious award. It is heartening to be able to support Welsh artists and contribute towards the gallery’s contemporary collection of art, plus it’s always fascinating to see whose work the nominated selector will choose. Over the years the award has gone to a splendidly diverse selection of artists from different disciplines and at different stages in their careers.”

Karen MacKinnon, Curator, Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, said: “The Wakelin Award has enabled the gallery for the past 25 years to acquire wonderful works for its permanent collection. This unique partnership between the Wakelin family and the Friends of the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery is very special in the support it offers the gallery, artists in Wales and the works it enables us to share with audiences and communities. This exhibition is a celebration of what the award has achieved over so many years.”

(Lead image: Swansea Council)

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