“Every Piece of Art has a Story”

Join Polly Sievert as she uncovers the purpose art has in telling us a story and how that story impacts us.

During this talk you will be in the Longview Farm House Gallery with Polly’s newest exhibit, “Nurtured by Nature: A Textural Journey”.

“Nurtured by Nature: A Textural Journey” is more than an Art Exhibit …. It is a combination of an Art Exhibit and an Experiential Journey into the calming wellness practice of being present with Nature. Each piece of art has accompanying it an Invitation on contemplative ways to use your senses to calm and quiet the mind while focusing on small bits of nature.

This Gallery Talk is Free and Open to the Public. If you have time, spend a little bit of time experiencing the journey with Polly’s Nature Inspired Art.

Know someone who may be interested in attending? Please share this event. 

Exhibit runs through June 27, 2024.

Gallery is in the Farm House and Gathering Room

Open Monday – Friday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. (Closed Memorial Day)

Longview Farm House Gallery

13525 Clayton Road

Town & Country, MO 63141

See you Tuesday!

Polly Sievert, the Artist of “Nurtured by Nature: A Textural Journey” Art Exhibit


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