Divine lithography, exhibition of rare lithographs in Aditi Art Gallery from May 17 to 19

Media Release

Udupi, May 15: Lithography is an ancient precision printing technique, wherein the images are first templated on a stone block and multiple copies are made using the template.

Divine art holds rich history and immense significance in Indian culture. Rooted in traditional folk art, it depicts deities, celestial events, and cultural motifs. These vibrant and intricate illustrations grace homes, shops, and temples, serving as a daily reminder of spirituality, auspicious occasions, and the cyclical nature of life. Divine art was popularised with the advent of lithography.

This exhibit aims at documenting and preserving the art of Divine Lithography and the societal changes it heralded.

On Friday, May 17, at 10:30 am, the exhibition will be inaugurated by Nemiraj Shetty, Printmaker Mangaluru in the presence of artist Dr Janardhan Havanje. The exhibition remains open from 11 am to 7pm.

Trustees of gallery Dr Kiran Acharya, Srinivas, Praveena Mohan were present on the occasion.




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