D.J. Javier Sari Sari Art Exhibition Indoek Gallery

Ventura has always been a popular surf destination along California’s coastline without the business of Los Angeles and the college atmosphere of Santa Barbara. Art, however, isn’t the first thing that is thought of when visiting the area. Matt Titone and Ron Thompson saw this as an opportunity. As artists, designers and co-founders of Indoek, the two partners looked to bridge this gap through their studio’s namesake gallery, that also doubles as a publishing house. In the past, Indoek has worked with Gestalten to chronicle the best Surf Shacks around the country, as well as showcasing shows by artist Ty Williams and FOUND collective.

To join the list, Filipino-American artist D.J. Javier is showcasing a new solo exhibition entitled Sari Sari. Pronounced “sah-ree – sah-ree”, meaning “variety” in Tagalog, the show’s title alludes to the many bodega-like storefronts around the Philippines, where locals can buy everyday items. Javier’s vibrant aesthetic comprises of graphic lettering and characters that oscillate from graffiti and tattoo culture, mixed in with iconography from his upbringing in Southern California and his roots in the Philippines.

Standouts in the show include a multi-media installation named after the exhibition that includes actual canned foods and goods stocked in a makeshift shelf, providing audiences a slice of the island life; while People Studies No. 1 (2024) features a totemic three-blocked wooden sculpture painted with acrylic depicting a smirked character clad in a hoody.

“‘Sari-Sari’ is more than a title,” Indoek explained, “it is a celebration of hybrid identities and the rich, layered narratives that emerge when diverse cultures converge. Through his art, D.J. Javier offers a unique perspective, inviting viewers to delve into a world where heritage and contemporary culture thrive together in harmony.” The exhibition will be on view in Ventura until July 14, 2024.

432 N Ventura Ave
Studio 30, Ventura, CA 93001

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