Bristol multimedia artist AK-One presents debut album and first gallery show in seven years

Bristol music producer and painter AK-One uses both his chosen mediums to explore the same narratives of belonging and connection.

Returning to Centrespace Studios & Gallery for the first time in seven years in April, he will be launching Nothing Grows in a Straight Line, a new exhibition of work made over a three-year period.

The launch will coincide with the release of his debut album, which will be played for the first time in public on the same night.

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The art collection will include a number of previously unseen works; when seen accompanied by the music, these paintings will afford visitors the opportunity to understand more about the artist’s process.

“My work for me works as a form of physical meditation,” he reflects; “it helps me come away from compulsive thought and the noise of day-to-day life.

“My aim is to create a doorway to step into a place of tranquillity and connection. This immersive experience is something that I want to evoke in people as they engage with my work.”

AK-One presents: Nothing Grows in a Straight Line is at Centrespace Studios & Gallery from April 5 at 5.30-10pm (launch night) and then 11am-6pm from April 6-10. For more information visit or follow @ak.one_.

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