20 art galleries in Mumbai that should be on your radar

As birthplace and backdrop, Mumbai and its vast sea have witnessed a number of art movements and talents that went on to shape the national conversation. An artistic legacy that began in the 1940s with the Progressive Artists’ Group—featuring MF Husain and FN Souza—continues to thrive, nearly a century on: While initiatives like Art & Wonderment have introduced curious outsiders to the city’s art scene, 2023 saw the debut edition of a homegrown fair for seasoned patrons and collectors.

Art galleries in Mumbai have played a key part in this journey. Consider the Jehangir Art Gallery, established in 1952, where the first camaraderies and controversies brewed—across exhibition halls and the iconic Samovar cafe. The last decade has seen the rise of young, experimental spaces and efforts to take the city’s art scene to the suburbs, far beyond its traditional precincts.

Here’s a definitive list of 20 art galleries in Mumbai that deserve a place on your map:



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At Bandra’s lively Chapel Road stands Method’s second outpost in the city—one that takes forward founder-curator Sahil Arora’s vision while expanding the very idea of what an art gallery can mean to a neighbourhood. Like its Kala Ghoda space, it platforms emerging as well as mid-career artists in an effort to celebrate subversive practices; most recently, this included a Palestinian student. With coffee and bakes on offer, the atmosphere in the gallery is far from intimidating. Interestingly, Method Bandra also hosts mixers and switch-ups, encouraging its patrons to strike up conversations with new people.

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