Sharon Stone slams Johnny Depp’s art series saying he’s ‘making a fortune’

Sharon Stone slams Johnny Depp's art series saying he's 'making a fortune'

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Depp made over $3.6. million from one of his art collections.

Sharon Stone rarely holds back when it comes to sharing her opinions, and has now taken aim at Johnny Depp.

The actress has recently ruffled some feathers after alleging that late producer Robert Evans pressured her to sleep with her Sliver co-star, Billy Baldwin.

Evans apparently suggested that Baldwin’s ‘performance would get better’ if Stone slept with him.

“We needed Billy to get better in the movie because that was the problem,” she went on.

Baldwin has since explosively refuted these claims.

Away from that beef, it appears as if she’s now made a swipe at Johnny Depp.

Stone has ditched Hollywood to pursue her love of art in recent years, having become dissatisfied with the movie roles she was being offered.

She told The Guardian: “I was shocked that I didn’t get to continue to work well, because I did everything to be my very best.

“When a door closes, I have to open another one.”

Sharon Stone has a new art exhibition opening next month.


Her passion for painting flourished during the pandemic and she now paints for as long as 17 hours a day on some occasions.

The 66-year-old currently has a solo exhibition on in Berlin titled ‘Totem’, and is set to have another open in San Francisco next month.

It’s unclear how much money she’s made from her work so far, but Stone knows she could make more if she were to give galleries what they wanted – a bit like what The Rum Diary star Depp did.

She’s currently selling some of her pieces for as much as $40,000.

Johnny Depp and Sharon Stone pictured in 1992. Credits:Pool ARNAL/PAT/GARCIA/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

Johnny Depp and Sharon Stone pictured in 1992. Credits:Pool ARNAL/PAT/GARCIA/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

Seemingly making a dig a Depp’s art, Stone said: “Johnny Depp is printing pictures of people, putting some paint over it and signing it, and making a fortune.”

His ‘Friends and Heroes’ collection sold for an estimated $3.65 million, the publication reports.

The prints depicted famous figures who have inspired him such as Keith Richards, Elizabeth Taylor, Bob Dylan and Al Pacino.

Stone added: “I had galleries approach me and say, ‘Could you please make prints of your face?’ I think it’s my duty not to do that. It’s my job to open a window for other women and hold it open further.”

Her new San Fran exhibition has been described as ‘an expression of the feminine that is deeply in touch with natural forces and fundamentally untameable’ by art historian Martin Oskar Kramer.

Stone’s ‘My Eternal Failure’ exhibition opens at Gallery 181 on April 10.

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