Mineral-Inspired Digital Art Collections : neogene collection

Architect Alper Derinboğaz uses AI and research data to form the Neogene collection. This is a capsule of 3D digital art that is made to replicate the visual of miner bismuth. These are made for TAEX, which stands for Technological Art Experience. It is a digital art platform and the work can be described as “3D artefacts, generated using data morphosis methodology, based on simulations of geological formations from prehistoric times.”

The first of the capsules is dubbed White Mass and it references the aforementioned bismuth, representing the architect’s experimental work with AI techniques. He also leverages the technology to form the physical and digital objects. Alper Derinboğaz explains to Dezeen that he created the capsule as an extension of his early works, stating “The origin of the Neogene collection is rooted in my Leisure Institute studio at Pratt GAUD Architecture. We were seeking ways to recreate 3D morphologies in the digital realm with AI technologies based on scientific research […] Together with this project, we are seeking foundational ways to simulate geographical artefacts in a Cartesian world, which I believe are easy to translate into physicality.”

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