Fundy Software Launches 4 Major Updates to Fundy Designer

Custom Templates, Video in Carousels & Stories, Multi-Card Designs, and Shareable Slideshows Drive Marketing and Print Sales.

PORTLAND, Ore., March 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Fundy Software Inc. has launched 4 new updates to their award winning design and IPS platform, Fundy Designer, since launching version 11 of the platform in January, 2024. Fundy Designer v11 features the world’s first automated design engine, named the Design Wizard, that instantly designs an entire album, multiple wall art collections, and cards all at once, in a single click, with images that are intuitively auto retouched on import with Perfectly Clear software.

Fundy Social Design App (PRNewsfoto/Fundy Software)Fundy Social Design App (PRNewsfoto/Fundy Software)

Fundy Social Design App (PRNewsfoto/Fundy Software)

In February, Fundy Software added the ability for photographers to save and auto design off of their own templates. Fundy Designer’s Design Library features hundreds of different templates for albums, magazines, wall art collections, cards and more. Photographers, using Fundy’s patented Drop Zone technology, can easily customize, swap or add images or colors, adjust size, slide or scale any element or set of elements on a page or spread, to make the final design their own vision. Photographers can then save that custom design as their own template to use repeatedly with the auto design feature in Fundy Designer.

In early March, the company announced it had added the ability to include videos in Instagram carousels and Facebook stories generated from their Social Design App. The Social Design App, included with any Fundy Designer subscription or lease, allows photographers to select a handful of photos and videos from their phone, choose a stylized template, add prompted text, and in 1-Click,  have a carousel, a set of stories, a vertical slideshow and a horizontal slideshow all ready to post.

In mid-March, the company announced it had added the ability to design multiple cards and or multiple design options of the same card theme to their Design Wizard. Now, utilizing the Design Wizard, in a single click, photographers can design an album, multiple wall art collections, and multiple cards options or themes (save the date, holiday, thank you) at the same time.

Most recently, Fundy Software announced that they had updated their Award Winner Proofer software so photographers can not only embed their slideshows in their websites but can also allow clients to easily share them with family and friends. Unlike other photography slideshows applications, Fundy Designer’s proofer allows photographers to include fully designed albums, cards and wall art collections within slideshows. Every time a client shares their slideshow, it’s free marketing not only the photographer’s work but also their available printed products.

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Save Your Own Templates:

Shareable & Embeddable Slideshows:

Multiple Card Designs in Design Wizard:

Video In Carousels and Stories:

“We strive to continuously update and improve our software, design library and offerings to help professional photographers not only sell more beautifully designed printed memories but do so with ease by automating and improving the workflow process,” Andrew Funderburg, founder Fundy Software.

About Fundy Software
Founded in 2008, Portland, Oregon-based Fundy Software is the creator of Fundy Designer, a professional design and IPS suite for professional photographers. It provides photographers the creative freedom to design, sell, proof and print albums, wall art collections, cards, studio magazines and more, quickly and easily. Their professional tools such as Auto Design, One Click Skin Retouching, Online Proofing, and more, save photographers countless hours and drive sales. Visit to learn more and download the free trial.

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