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The Museum is taking the 20th anniversary of its site on the Mönchsberg as an opportunity to place a focus on increasing the visibility of the collections entrusted to it. For most of the year, two levels on the Mönchsberg (1 and 3) will be used for four exhibitions from the collections, though strictly speaking these are two exhibitions that will be modified halfway through their run to create new presentations with new focal points. The concept and content of these four parts are revealed in their titles.

The exhibitions for the anniversary year are presented by the Museum der Moderne Salzburg in cooperation with the Generali Foundation.

The exhibition Breaking Down Walls! reflects on the insights of the intellectual movement known as the spatial turn, which emphasizes the vital importance of space or the conception of space as an analytical instrument. Its focus is not just on the static space of geometry but on space as a phenomenon shaped, experienced, and coded by humans. This shift of significance toward a construct informed by social and cultural factors is fueled not only by the growing mobility of our society, but also by forced migration, territorial conflicts, and changes in the climate.

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