12 Best Art Galleries In Manchester To Visit

It’s hard to argue against the famous proclamation that ‘Manchester has everything except a beach’. This sprawling northern jewel doesn’t just boast two world-famous football teams, a thriving nightlife, cracking restaurants and bags of attractions – it’s also home to some truly brilliant art. 

Celebrated artists like LS Lowry and Chris Ofili have called this city home, and there are world-class galleries full of world-famous paintings dotted all over the place, too. Supported by events like Manchester International Festival, which has brought the likes of Marina Abramović, Yoko Ono and Tino Sehgal to galleries in the city, art has become a major draw for Manchester. Here are our top picks for the best galleries on offer.

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This article was written by Rob Martin, a writer based in Manchester. At Time Out, all of our travel guides are written by local writers who know their cities inside out. For more about how we curate, see our editorial guidelines.

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